Audit Resources

Director of A&A

 Arthur M. Winstead, Jr., CPA

  • Supports the membership's A&A resources
  • More than 30 years of experience with DMJ & Co., PLLC
  • Served 3-year term on the AICPA Auditing Standards Board and 6 years on the N.C. Board of CPA Examiners
  • Served on the following AICPA ASB Task Forces: Internal Controls, Auditor's Report, and Risk Assessment and as Chairman of the AICPA ASB Task Force for Inventory, Fair Value and Litigation Claims and Assessments
  • Also a current member of the NCACPA Peer Review and Accounting and Auditing Executive Committees
  • Manages technical resources, engagement support, audit practice matters and reviews CPAmerica A&A publications

To contact Art Winstead, please call (336) 553-2304, or email at

Additional A&A Resources

As a member of CPAmerica, you become a part of an astute group of Accounting and Auditing professionals who have expertise in various specialty areas. You will have access to sharing opportunities that will provide you with fresh ideas and best practices that will help you better serve your clients.

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